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Florida men arrested for climbing huge Christmas tree

Posted at 2:59 PM, Dec 13, 2019

LARGO POLICE, Fla. — Two Florida men were arrested after the Largo Police Department says they climbed a 35 foot Christmas tree in Central Park and damaged ornaments.

Shay Tracy, 28, and Alex Laky, 27 are accused of climbing up the large Christmas tree Largo’s Central Park, which is the property of the city.

Police say at around 4 a.m., the suspects threw and broke ornaments and caused $250 in damage.

Shay Tracy and Alex Laky

Shay Tracy and Alex Laky

Two people witnessed the incident, one of which was a City of Largo employee.

Both Tracy and Laky allegedly admitted to the crime in an interview with the police.

They are each charged with criminal mischief.

This story was originally published by WFTS in Tampa, Florida.