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UPS driver recorded throwing packages out of truck for woman to put in van

Posted at 4:13 PM, Dec 10, 2019

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. – UPS is investigating after a Denver man recorded an employee apparently tossing dozens of packages out of the back of a delivery truck and onto the ground.

Joe Herrera was working last Friday when he saw a UPS truck pull into a parking lot off of West 44th Avenue and Kipling Street in Wheat Ridge. He spotted the UPS delivery driver dump the packages. He says a woman standing next to the UPS truck then loaded the boxes into her van. UPS hires seasonal employees to make deliveries from their personal vehicles.

“She was just standing their laughing as the packages were coming, flying out,” Herrera told KDVR.

In the video, one can see packages being thrown out the back of the UPS truck.

“It’s just really disturbing,” Herrera said. “It was a huge pile.”

Herrera calls the workers' actions appalling.

“People paid really good money for that stuff. Those are people’s Christmas presents," he said.

KDVR brought the video to the attention of UPS. The shipping company is now launching an investigation.

A spokesman with the company said, “UPS employees receive regular training on the company’s methods and procedures to safely transport and deliver packages. We will investigate the situation and take appropriate action.”

Herrera says he would like to see accountability and reassurance this won’t happen again.

“No one ever wants to see anybody get fired but I mean, there should be some kind of re-training. I work hard for my money and we want our stuff taken care of," Herrera said.