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Holiday partygoers targeted by thieves at Short Pump hotel

Posted at 6:37 PM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 18:53:26-05

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Police are looking for the thieves they say stole items from people who were attending a company holiday party at a Short Pump hotel.

Shelby Gunnoe says she was out Saturday night at the Hilton Richmond in Short Pump for her boyfriend’s work Christmas party.

Gunnoe says about 200 people were inside the ballroom.

"It was a Great Evening,” said the 20-year-old. "We were just partying, they had gambling tables set up, roulette, all that. we were just playing games."

Everything was great until it was time to go.

"That's when things were missing,” she said.

Shelby Gunnoe

Gunnoe says she and many others left their belongings at their table while they enjoyed the evening.

"I went to go get my shoes and my purse was gone and other people started noticing their things were gone too, their phones, shoes, wallets."

Henrico County Police confirmed that they were called to the hotel to take two reports.

When police showed up, so did some of the partygoers' belongings.

"Then magically things started appearing, some had their phone found in the trash can," said Gunnoe.

Gunnoe's wallet was found, minus debit, gift, and Social Security cards. An hour later, she says she eventually got her purse back with someone else’s checkbook inside.

She says she was able to find the woman who the checkbook belonged to.

The 20-year-old offered a piece of advice for those heading out to a party.

"Make sure all your cards and cash can either be on you or you have the thing on your phone, where you can pay on your phone, be very wary of everything," said Gunnoe.

Henrico Police say hotel management is cooperating with the police investigation and working to get surveillance video to detectives.

Police say when it comes to hotels, try not to keep valuables in your car where they can be seen, carry only as much cash as you need, and report suspicious persons.