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NYPD partners discover they are actually cousins

Posted at 3:01 PM, Nov 20, 2019

NEW YORK CITY — NYPD Officers Harley Greco and Tyler Barbour have been working side by side for nearly half a year.

Partners in the 19th Precinct, the pair — who are both from Long Island — recently found out they have a bond that goes beyond the uniform.

“My grandmother called me and said ‘do you know a Tyler Barbour?’ and I said ‘yeah, I just went to his wedding - that’s my partner,’” PO Greco told WPIX. “And she said ‘well, that’s also your cousin.’”

That’s right, they’re not only partners but cousins.

The bizarre discovery was uncovered — of all places — in the comments section of the 19th Precinct’s Facebook page.

“My grandmother commented on it and then her cousin actually commented on it also,” Greco said.

That exchange, where the two revealed they both had relatives on the force in the 19th Precinct, left people scratching their heads.

Then a DNA test determined the common thread between Officer Greco and Officer Barbour, unbeknownst to them, was that their great great grandmothers were sisters.

“It was definitely bizarre, but we get along so well that it really wasn’t that surprising. But it’s definitely a small world,” Greco said.

“We are now considered the cousin car,” Barbour chimed in. “That’s our patrol car’s name- it’s the cuz car.”

While the newfound connection left many in their families baffled, the cousins in blue say not much has changed.

“We’ve always been tight, we’ve always been very good to each other, had each other‘s back since day one, so not much has changed,” Greco said.

The timing for this cousin connection happens just in time for the holidays.

The officers tell WPIX that the two families will be getting together for the first time for Thanksgiving dinner.