Motivated Caleb has dreams of playing in the NBA

Posted at 8:42 AM, Nov 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-20 08:56:02-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- Caleb is bright, intelligent, motivated, and mature for his age. His peers would describe him as generous and humorous. Caleb enjoys meeting new people and spending time with family and friends. Caleb has a nurturing personality and provides emotional, social, and concrete support to his peers when they are in need.

Caleb is very active and spends most of his free time playing basketball or engaging in fitness activities.

While Caleb has many talents and interests, he mostly favors artistic expression through writing poems and raps. In his free time, Caleb writes music and strives to develop his artistry skills.

While he enjoys listening to Hip Hop and Rap music, he enjoys listening to different genres of music. Caleb is considering a wide array of future careers. He has expressed a desire to go to college. He also aspires to be in the NBA or to pursue a music career in Chicago. Caleb is very ambitious and desires to be a positive role model for youth as he pursues his future endeavors.

Caleb loves to shop and always ensures that he looks his best. He is a pro in the latest sneaker knowledge and has an interest in the latest fashion trends.

Caleb recently discovered an interest in developing his culinary skills. He enjoys cooking and is currently prepping to obtain a ServSafe certification in order to advance his experiences in food handling services.

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