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Brother begs for answers in sister’s disappearance 30 years ago: ‘I’m still holding on’

Posted at 5:49 PM, Oct 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-21 18:29:30-04

CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. -- It's been thirty years since a Caroline County woman disappeared -- and never made it back home. Three decades later -- her family is still begging anyone who may know something about Emmaline Gray's disappearance -- to come forward.

Michael Gray says he vividly remembers when his sister disappeared in 1991.

Emmaline left for her shift as a manager at the Bowling Green Pizza Hut. When she reutrned to her File, Virginia home, that's when her brother saw her pack a bag.

Michael says he saw her at the home he shared with her and two of her children. He recalled what she was doing just before she left.

Emmaline Gray

“One day she came home and packed a bag, said she would be back. Never saw her again. I know who she left with. They know who she left with,” said Michael.

Michael says she left in a black Camaro.

“I’ll never forget it. Until the day I die,” he added.

“All of that is part of the investigation and that’s what led us to enter her as a missing person. So, we continue to look for her,” said Major Scott Moser.

Moser has worked the case from the beginning.

He says he is unable to divulge specific information as to not compromise the case; he did say they have followed several leads; but it remains a cold case.

Moser says as of right now there are no suspects and there have not been any arrests.

Michael Gray

As for a theory of Emmaline simply walking away from her family and choosing to disappear forever, Moser doesn’t buy it.

“I find it highly unlikely being the type of person that she was. And how devoted she was to her kids. I find it unlikely that she would just disappear off of the grid,” said Moser.

“We love our sister. The kids love their mother. We want some closure to this. It’s been a long time and I’m still holding on in God’s unchanging hands,” said Michael.

Though recounting his sister’s story still moves him to tears, Gray says he’ll never stop searching, hoping, and asking for help until his family finds Emmaline or finds out the truth behind her disappearance.

“I hope someone will come forward knowing that Emmaline is still out there. Let us know she’s alive,” he pleaded.

“Any info is important to us. It doesn’t matter how small. It’s part of a bigger puzzle that we need to put it together as an investigative agency,” Moser added.

Major Moser said they hope this story will stir up a memory from someone in the community who may have information about the case. He urges anyone with information about Emmaline Gray's disappearance to contact the Caroline County Sheriff's Tip Line at 804-633-1133.

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