This backyard shed in San Diego is renting for $1,050 a month

Posted at 4:21 PM, Oct 02, 2019

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego rental listing is drawing attention for all the wrong reasons, with residents saying the tiny studio’s cost is the latest sign the city has become impossible to afford.

The listing, a 200-square-foot, standalone studio renting for $1,050 in University Heights, started gaining traction with a post on the San Diego Reddit page.

“Someone is really charging people $1,100 to live in a shed,” the post’s author wrote. “And they want you to have a 650+ credit score too.” More residents piled on in the comments, questioning where the bathroom could possibly fit, saying they’ve seen better prices in La Jolla and comparing current prices to their rents of yesteryear.

A listing on Zumper says the unit, now advertised at $1,050, requires a would-be renter to have an income worth 2 1/2-times the monthly rent and a credit score of 650+, plus good rental references, no evictions and no pets. The studio has a wall air-conditioning unit, but no on-site laundry or parking.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reached out to the company behind the listing, JD Property Management and Realty, to ask about the public reaction to the rental.

A representative told the U-T they have had no shortage of interest in the studio, with about 100 inquiries in the roughly three weeks since it was listed. The credit requirement is standard for all the company’s properties, they continued: “It’s a basic requirement for all our properties. It’s not just this one. Because the price is so low, we get tons and tons of emails and calls on it.”

The average studio rental in University Heights is around $1,100 each month. “Other options for studios in the area are similar, but are usually bigger,” according to the newspaper.

View the listing here.