‘It just can’t be my life,’ says woman with disabilities living in hotel with no money or family

Posted at 11:26 PM, Sep 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-16 22:11:09-04

PETERSBURG, Va. -- A 64-year-old woman with physical disabilities has found herself in Virginia in a Petersburg hotel without money, family, friends or a place to go.

"It's just so unbelievable. Surreal... It just can't be my life," said Metta Hannah.

Her only income is a $768  disability check each month. Hannah was evicted from her Florida apartment in August and said she came to Virginia to stay with a long-time friend.

"I packed up some of my clothes and came," Hannah said.  "I texted her that morning, I said I`m hurting really bad, I can't get up right now."

But shortly after Hannah arrived, her friend told her she had to go.

"She came to the door and she said, you're not happy here so I'm calling 911 for them to come pick you up and take you to the hospital."

Hannah said she spent two nights in a Petersburg hospital until a social worker found a hotel for her where she said staff treated her like family.

"Because it's the right thing to do. Very simple," said Kenneth White, an employee at the hotel.

"They're still going to bat for me. His wife told me that I was like family to her and most of my own family don't treat me that way," Hannah said.

White said they will continue to look for a place for her to stay for good.

"A hotel isn't the right place for her but her being out on the streets is definitely not the right place for her," said White.

Hannah said she has no more money until her disability check next month and that she must leave the hotel in the next few days.

Her hope is to rise above it all.

"There's a song called brighter days are coming," said Hannah.

If you would like to help out Hannah, you can call her at 850-612-4340 or CBS 6 at 804-254-3600.