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Family claims they were kicked off bus, stranded for not helping smuggle cigarettes

Posted at 11:15 PM, Sep 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-05 23:15:57-04

PETERSBURG, Va. -- A Georgia mother was left stranded in Virginia late Wednesday night after the bus line they were on, left her, her son and grandson during a stop.

"There`s no rest, no rest. From 8:30 in the morning Wednesday, until now, we've been going, going, going," said Maria McIntosh.

McIntosh said she and her family were traveling from Georgia to New York Wednesday on Wanda Coach Busline.

"Headed to take my grandson home and my son to his doctors because they have some disabilities," she explained.

The bus stopped for food in Wakefield Virginia during the overnight hours of Wednesday into Thursday morning. McIntosh claims the bus driver handed passengers money to buy cigarettes in bulk so they could be sold in New York.

"And what they do is they roll up the money and they give it to you with a note to buy cigarettes, but I refused," said McIntosh. "And cause I refused, I was the only one left behind with my son and grandson and the bus took off."

McIntosh said she was left stranded in Virginia without their luggage.

"A credit card is in that bag, my tablet, his devices, his medication, clothes," said McIntosh. "Everything is on that bus."

McIntosh added that they were able to get a ride from a couple that took them to a Petersburg bus station. There they were able to get on a different bus line, Greyhound, that would take them the rest of the way to New York.

CBS 6 reached out to Wanda Coach Bus Line Thursday and said they were aware of the situation. The bus line told CBS 6 they have not heard of accusations of buying cigarettes for bus drivers before but are working to get in touch with the driver and investigate the situation.

The bus line said they are looking to locate McIntosh's luggage at one of the Wanda Coach Bus line stations in New York. They also recommend calling the police and filing a police report if a situation like McIntosh's ever arises.