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Glen Allen dog daycare shelters pups fleeing Hurricane Dorian

Posted at 11:47 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-04 23:47:29-04

HENRICO, Va. -- Off Brook Road in Glenn Allen is Apple Dog Daycare, Lodging and Grooming.

This week, the daycare is sheltering two furry companions fleeing from Hurricane Dorian.

"We donated two spaces for dogs to stay with us which gives them room to rescue more dogs," said co-owner of Apple Dog Daycare, Lodging and Grooming, Kyle Yocom.

14 dogs were transported from North Carolina Wednesday morning. Bendi and Thomas were the two dogs being sheltered in Henrico County.

"There's not enough room for the incoming dogs as well as the dogs that are already there," said Laurie Landers, Director of Operations for Operation Paws for Homes.

Landers said Operation Paws for Homes partnered with Save a Dog Project to get the dogs transported.

"I asked if they would be willing to do a transfer and get some dogs up here and they were absolutely willing to help," Landers said.

"They'll be here for at least two weeks, hopefully if they find a foster home or somebody to rescue them, then they won't be here the full two weeks," said Lindsey Yocom.

In the meantime, Landers said they're hoping to rescue more animals who need the help.

"As long as we have funds, volunteers, foster homes, wonderful community partners, we`re going to keep rescuing dogs," Lander said.

The other 12 dogs transported Wednesday were sent to shelters in Northern Virginia. For ways to find out how you can volunteer who help a dog in need, click here.