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Criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein officially dismissed

Posted at 12:05 PM, Aug 30, 2019

The criminal case against the late Jeffrey Epstein was officially dismissed Thursday, almost three weeks after the accused sex trafficker died in his jail cell.

Judge Richard Berman, who was overseeing the case, signed what’s known as a “nolle prosequi,” or a notice that the court will no longer pursue the charges, citing Epstein’s death.

The dismissal was expected, as prosecutors had filed a motion to dismiss the federal sex trafficking charges after the multimillionaire’s death on August 10, which the medical examinerdeemed a suicide.

Even though the criminal case won’t move forward, some of Epstein’s accusers were still able to make their voices heard.On Tuesday, even though the accused was not present, Judge Berman allowed them to deliver victim impact statements. Some of them felt they were robbed of justice, not just in the recent case against Epstein, but also years ago, when Florida prosecutors offered Epstein a plea deal without their input.

“Jeffrey Epstein robbed myself and all other victims of our day in court to confront him one by one, and for that he is a coward,” said accuser Courtney Wild, who thanked authorities for giving them the opportunity to have their moment in court. “I feel very angry and sad that justice has never been served in this case.”

The case has been dismissed, but prosecutors have indicated that the investigation will continue, thanks to a count of conspiracy that was included in the indictment.

Civil cases could also move forward against Epstein’s estate.