People who take selfies may be considered more insecure and less likable, study finds

Posted at 6:10 PM, Aug 27, 2019

PULLMAN, Wash. – If you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed right now, you’d probably see a lot of selfies. They’re everywhere these days.

But, new research from Washington State University found they aren’t exactly admired by others.

Psychologists from the school conducted an experiment where they had students judge selfies from users on Instagram and a majority seemed to view them as less likable, less successful, more insecure and less open to new experiences.

“Even when two feeds had similar content, such as depictions of achievement or travel, feelings about the person who posted selfies were negative and feelings about the person who posted posies (a term for when someone else is taking the picture) were positive,” said Chris Barry, WSU professor of psychology and lead author of the study. “It shows there are certain visual cues, independent of context, that elicit either a positive or negative response on social media.”

It turns out, users who posted that style of photography were perceived as having higher self esteem, being more adventurous and less lonely, according to the research.

So you may want to think twice before you strike that next pose.