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No swimming in Virginia lake due to harmful algae bloom

Posted at 3:41 PM, Aug 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-19 15:41:23-04

CROZET, Va. — There will be no more swimming in the swimming lake at Mint Springs Park in Crozet for the rest of the summer. Albemarle County officials have closed the lake to swimmers due to algae bloom.

“We will continue to treat, test, and monitor the swimming lake,” county officials said. “Please obey all posted signage at the lake – your safety is our highest priority.”

While Chris Greene Lake and Walnut Creek Park, the two other swimming lakes operated by Albemarle County Parks and Recreation, will remain open, both will be actively monitored and tested, the county assured.

“There have been no reported health problems associated with Mint Springs, however, the Department of Parks and Recreation closed the lake to swimming after multiple test results showed harmful algae present,” the county announced. “People and pets are prohibited from contact with the water until further notice as harmful algae blooms may cause illness.”

To prevent illness:
Do not come into contact with any area of the lake.
Do not allow children or pets to drink from the lake.
If contact occurs, immediately wash exposed areas with fresh water.

If you or your animals experience symptoms, seek medical/veterinarian care.

To learn more about Harmful Algal Bloom, or to report an algae bloom, click here.