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Mom says Hopewell boy who can’t smile ‘looks different’ after surgery

Posted at 8:36 PM, Jul 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-28 23:31:00-04

HOPEWELL, Va. -- A Hopewell boy is on the road to recovery after a final surgery to give him the smile of his dreams. 

Jordan Keffer, 8, was born with facial palsy and has limited movement on the right side of his face.

One of the side effects of the muscle weakness is that when Jordan smiles, only the left side of his mouth curls upwards.

"I love it. You know, it's perfect to me. That's how he was born. That's how I've seen him all his life. So, it's going to be different," said Jordan's mother, Ashley Keffer, referring to the surgery that is going to treat the palsy.

The boy underwent a different surgery to help fix his smile in June.  Jordan's mother said her son's major reconstructive surgery Friday was a success.

"Jordan is doing well but he's extremely exhausted," she posted on the crowdfunding site the family created to help pay for the surgery. "Thanks to all the love & support, it means a lot to us and Jordan!!"

“Right now he has a little bit of a smile and we were told he wouldn't have a smile until six weeks, because he was having to do physical therapy," Ashley Keffer told WTVR CBS 6 on Sunday. "We still have a long road ahead, but he definitely looks different. I said, ‘Where's my son?’ And he said, ‘Right here.'"

Jordan's mom said he is excited about his future and looking forward to "smiling like everyone else."

“I’m happy I got my surgery and I love my new smile,” Jordan said Sunday evening.

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