How you can help Richmond teen diagnosed with cancer 

Posted at 10:05 PM, Jul 23, 2019

RICHMOND, Va., -- A Richmond family is seeking the generosity of the community after their 13-year-old son was recently diagnosed with cancer. Doctors at VCU Medical Center diagnosed James Brave Salgado with papillary thyroid cancer on July 10.

"A lump on my neck showed up and I had to have a biopsy in which they stick needles in my neck," James explained.

His mother, Patience, was told that receiving a thyroid cancer diagnosis as a teen is extremely rare.

"I think the word cancer is traumatic," Patience said. "People are loving our family, literally loving our family through this experience."

The Salgado family doesn't have health insurance. A family friend set up a GoFundMe for the teen to help with his mounting medical bills.

"The Salgados are a low-key, full-of-love family from Richmond, Virginia who have built a life around giving unconditional kindness to others. They’re actually sorta famous for it," Judi Crenshaw wrote on the GoFundMe.

Oprah Winfrey's website profiled Patience and her Kindness Girl blog. For years, Patience cataloged her good deeds while encouraging others in the Richmond community to carry out their own.

The family known for giving back now finds themselves on the side of need.

"Facing Jamie’s cancer diagnosis without health insurance, they now need some kindness – and financial support – to flow in their direction," the GoFundMe message continued. "Thyroid cancer is treatable but requires surgery, lifelong therapy and diligent monitoring. Jamie's diagnosis sparked a whirlwind of worry. Surgery is on the immediate horizon; so is a lot more worry."