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As crews remove dogs from ‘unsafe situations’ in extreme heat, Richmond shelter asks for help 

Posted at 11:42 AM, Jul 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-21 14:34:56-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- As the extreme heat continues in Central Virginia, animal control officials in Richmond are asking the public for help.

"We’ve been pulling dogs from tethers and unsafe situations all week and will continue doing so today," Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) officials posted Sunday morning. "That means our shelter is FULL OF DOGS."

An Excessive Heat Warning remains in effect for Central Virginia through 11 p.m.

Workers vowed to "not euthanize for space," but asked for folks to consider adopting or fostering an adult dog.

The shelter, located at 1600 Chamberlayne Avenue in Richmond, is open from 12 to 4 p.m. Sunday.

"Come in and help! Lots of loving dogs in need of a forever or temporary home," officials wrote.

Click here to see photos of dogs looking for their forever homes.

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RACC officers have been patrolling the city for dogs left outside in extreme heat. They also also making sure owners weren't leaving dogs tied up outside.

"The only good thing about this heat is we get to roll out our new Richmond tethering code," the agency posted on Facebook earlier this week. "Earlier this year, RACC wrote new language to prohibit tethering dogs in adverse weather... This update is very simple. The heat advisory issued today through Sunday allows us to prohibit dogs from being tethered in the City of Richmond."

Supervisor Rob Leinberger told reporter Brendan King that officers found two dogs tied up at a home on North 22nd Street on Wednesday.  He stated the dog owner fixed the problem after a discussion of the laws.

"We rely on the public tremendously because they are literally the eyes and ears for us," Lienberger explained. "On a day like today there's very little wiggle that comes to animals being kept out on a day like today."

As a dog owner and lover, Leinberger said his career often takes a toll mentally.

"It’s a constant emotional balancing act. My dog doesn’t go outside only to use the bathroom," he explained. "Why are they spending all their lives in a pen?"

RACC asked if you see tethered dogs, please report it by calling 804-646-5573.

"RACC Officers can provide crates to help facilitate moving dogs inside if needed," officials said earlier this week. "Please be advised -- we will be enforcing -- bring your dogs inside today."