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Non-profit serving goose meat removed from Denver city parks

Posted at 10:15 AM, Jul 18, 2019

DENVER - The decision toremove geese from Denver parks and process the meat continues to spark controversy, according to KDVR.

From the beginning, city leaders have said it was the best way to mitigate excessive waste left behind by the geese. The city then said it would donate the meat to charitable organizations.

In the weeks since, the USDA has removed the geese from city parks and processed the meat, which is now on the shelves at Metro Caring, a Denver food pantry.

At Metro Caring, the goal is simple: the professionals there want to help people and feed people at no cost to the participants.

Anything found at a grocery store could probably be found at Metro Caring. It has canned goods, produce and different choices for protein. Now, one of the options includes goose meat.

“We worked with the USDA to actually process the birds and they have distributed the birds to needy organizations and charitable organizations to distribute to the public," said Scott Gilmore with Denver Parks and Recreation.

Not everyone is happy with the decision. As far as Metro Caring goes, participants there have positive feedback.

“I might as well go ahead and give it a try and do it local because it is providing meat for us," one shopper said.

While beans and bread get donated frequently, meat can be hard to come by. That's why organizers jumped at the idea to get goose meat.

“It arrived wrapped, processed, ready to consume, according to USDA guidelines just like the rest of our meat," said Tommy Crosby with Metro Caring.

Later in the week, Metro Caring will host a cooking class to show participants how to use the goose meat for a meal.