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Standoff suspect surrenders for hamburger in Oklahoma

Posted at 1:03 PM, Jul 17, 2019

POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. - Fast food and good police work saved the day when a standoff ended with the suspect surrendering for a cheeseburger.

It happened when Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office deputies said McLoud Police tried to pull Robert Scott over for an illegal turn. Instead of stopping, he allegedly drove home and disappeared into a travel trailer on the property.

That's when other agencies were called into assist, surrounding the trailer with guns drawn.

"It’s an unknown inside, we don’t know what’s inside. We got a guy barricaded and he says he’s got a gun so we don’t know what’s fixing to happen," said Lt. Travis Sullivan.

They tried to call to Scott over the loud speaker to get him to come out safely but didn't reach him until they tried him on his cell phone.

That's when he told Sheriff Mike Booth he was driving to get a burger from Curtis Watson's. He realized he left his phone at home and went back to get it. He told the sheriff he didn't know police were trying to pull him over.

But he still refused to come out. That's when Sheriff Booth made him the offer that changed his mind. Body camera video caught the exchange.

"You want that cheeseburger?" the sheriff is seen asking Scott.

"Yeah," Scott said.

"Alright. Let's go get a cheeseburger," Sheriff Booth said.

"So he came out and we talked about stuff while he was sitting there eating his hamburger, drinking his Coke, and the end result was, the decision was made that he was going to jail," Lt. Sullivan said. "If that's what helps him get out, I'll go buy him a hamburger, I don't have a problem with that."