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DMV releases license plate to commemorate UVA basketball championship

Posted at 2:05 PM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 19:11:22-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- If you are still celebrating the University of Virginia’s 2019 Men’s Basketball Championship, Virginia DMV has a special license plate just for you.

Virginia DMV teamed up with UVA to offer a special license plate featuring the 2019 national champion logo and it’s available now.

The special license plate costs $25.00 annually in addition to a registration fee. You can also personalize the plate with personalized characters for $10.00 annually in addition to a registration fee.

As a revenue-sharing plate, after the sale of the first 1,000 qualifying plates, $15.00 of the $25.00 fee is transferred to the University of Virginia to support scholarships for Virginia students.

“License plates are traveling billboards so this is a great way for fans to show their school spirit while supporting student scholarships,” said DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb. “The limited-edition plates won’t be available forever, so fans are encouraged to get theirs soon.”

If you are interested in purchasing the plate, click here.