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Bullet stops in teen’s ear: ‘He had an angel with him’

Posted at 10:22 AM, Jul 10, 2019

GREENSBORO, N.C - A Greensboro family has refused to sleep in their beds for more than a week after bullets ripped through their home in a drive-by shooting.

On Saturday, Greensboro police reported that someone opened fire along Ashe Street.

Bullets directly hit two houses and the back seat of a car. A third house was hit by a ricochet.

Inside one of the homes, a family of five ducked for cover.

“When I first started hearing it, it was at the house next door. I thought it was fireworks,” said a concerned mother, who protected her children. She, her three kids and her mother were all stuck inside when at least five shots went inside their home.

“The bullets went through our bathroom and into the hallway,” she told WGHP.

She pointed out three holes and described how they missed her daughter by seconds.

“She dove down. Maybe one second later, she would have been shot. And that would have killed her," she said.

During the chaos, her 14-year old son was hit in the ear by gunfire.

“He was on the couch, and then the shooting started," she said.

It wasn’t until he ran to his grandmother and said he was shot that they all realized what was going on.

The gunfire lasted about ten minutes.

When EMS crews arrived on scene, they discovered that the bullet was lodged in his ear.

“They said it was supposed to go straight through and hit his brain,” his mother said.

The bullet was pulled out and the 14-year old is expected to be okay.

His mother told WGHP that everyone is traumatized. but she’s thankful that her son is okay.

“You know he had an angel with him," she said. No arrests have been made in the shooting.