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Homeowner says dead city tree is creating a safety hazard for her family

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jul 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-08 17:54:43-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- A Richmond homeowner tells the CBS 6 Problem Solvers that she is concerned about a dead tree, owned by the city, that leans over onto her property.

Nancy Pomplun says broken limbs are falling into her yard, damaging her property, and creating a safety hazard.

Pomplun says its frustration that’s been building year after year. She says the issue has been a headache for her since 2015, when she first notified the City of Richmond of the problem.

“I have called numerous times since 2015 about this dead tree. I’ve been given work order numbers, work tickets, then I’ll call back... they’ll say that ticket is closed,” said Pomplun.

Nancy Pomplun

The Richmond woman says her biggest concern is safety. The tree has already damaged her property twice.

“Pieces of it has already fallen and damaged my fence,” said Pomplun. “Lately when it rains, big chunks of the tree is coming down and it’s hit my fence a second time. Really damaged it... I'm just worried about it.”

CBS 6 Problem Solvers took Pomplun’s concerns to the Department of Public Works Director Bobby Vincent.

After researching her case, Vincent says he couldn’t find any record of tree complaints in their system, though there were other alley/brush issues reported by Pomplun in the past.

Vincent said they would send an arborist out to look at the tree. CBS 6 cameras were rolling when a city worker showed up and took pictures of the trees.

Vincent says the city will take action and have already reported the issue to Dominion Energy so crews there can trim the area near the power lines.

After that has occurred, Vincent says the city will go in and cut down the rest within 30 days.

It's a resolution that can’t come soon enough for Pomplun.

“Every time it rains, I pray please God keep my house and my car safe because I’m afraid that the tree is going to come crashing down on it.”

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