Stolen Blue Bell truck recovered in Oklahoma with ice cream untouched

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jul 06, 2019

DEL CITY, Okla. -- A day after a Blue Bell truck was stolen from the Walmart in Del City, it was found abandoned - the ice cream untouched.

The call was a new one for Del City police.

"In my years, I don't think I've ever heard of a stolen ice cream truck," Capt. Bradley Rule said.

It happened just before dawn Wednesday. The ice cream truck driver pulled into the loading dock for delivery.

"Unfortunately, he had left the keys in it when he went inside to take care of his duties," Rule said.

Surveillance video shows a man who police identify as the main suspect loitering around the Walmart loading dock.

"Then he disappears, and then you see the Blue Bell truck leaving the area," Rule said.

Then Thursday, Oklahoma City police found the truck abandoned. Inside, the ice cream was untouched.

"It looks like probably somebody just needed a ride and didn't want to walk," Rule said. "With all the property still inside of it and not being torn up or vandalized in any way, it appears that's probably the motive."

But, investigators are still trying to find out who stole it.

"Even though it's a theft of an ice cream truck, it's still a felony in the state," Rule said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Blue Bell said even though the ice cream was intact, they're going to throw it away because it was out of the company's possession.