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Star Wars fanatics are spending $25,000 for a custom droid at Disneyland

Posted at 4:04 PM, Jun 19, 2019

According to Cast Members, Disneyland has already sold three of the $25,000 custom droids — Photo credit / Tom Bricker,

It seems no price is too high for some “Star Wars” fans.

When Disneyland opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in May, a wave of new merchandise came with it.

Among the $200 lightsabers and $400 stormtrooper helmets, one item stands out: A $25,000 droid-building experience.

The life-size custom “Astromech Unit” droids, which stand 3.5-feet tall, are mirror images of the ones in the iconic films.

And in addition to selecting the color scheme and design, the lucky customers get to decide if their droid is sparkling clean — or tarnished from years of service.

Customers can show off their droids using a remote control.

But Disney magic only goes so far. The custom droids don’t include shipping. Or returns. Or exchanges.

They will take up to 90 days to get to you and can only be delivered to addresses in the continental United States.

So has anyone actually bought this?


Within one week of the park’s opening, three custom droids were purchased, Disneyland employees told the Orange County Register.

But don’t be too sad if you don’t have obscene amounts of money to burn. The park also offers a $100 custom droid experience where theme park visitors can build an 18-inch R2 or BB-unit.

Oh, and the best part for the rest of us: starting June 24, no reservations will be required to enter Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.