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Child rescued by New Jersey firefighters after being trapped in claw machine

Posted at 3:06 PM, Jun 07, 2019

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Firefighters had to make an unexpected rescue when a child became trapped inside a claw game machine at New Jersey outlet mall.

Emergency crews responded when a 1-year-old got stuck inside the ball pit of the machine by climbing through the prize door at the Gloucester Premium Outlets Wednesday afternoon, reported.

Gloucester Township Fire shared the story on Facebook, saying the child was not injured or sent to the hospital, and was safely reunited with family after being removed from the machine.

“The safety mechanism which should prevent a person from reaching the stuffed animal prizes, apparently malfunctioned,” Deputy Police Chief David Harkins told “The child’s hand got caught up in the mechanism while trying to reach into the game machine’s prize dispensing door.”