Rescue dog sworn in as Missouri K-9 officer

Posted at 6:49 PM, May 31, 2019

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. - A Franklin County police department held a swearing-in ceremony Thursday to welcome its newest officer.

New Haven Police Department K-9 Officer "Jet" was rescued from an animal shelter in Philadelphia. An organization called Animal Farm Foundation chose Jet because of his loving temperament and willingness to work, according to Jet's handler, Officer Kyle Walters.

"It's amazing that you can take a dog like this that was in a rescue, in a shelter, and make him a working dog. And he loves it and he's great at it," Walters said.

Animal Farm Foundation paid for the two-year-old dog's training in Texas. The organization also sponsored Walters' training as a handler.

Jet will serve as an ambassador for the New Haven Police Department by making public appearances at schools, senior centers and community events.

Jet will also serve New Haven and nearby communities by sniffing out illegal drugs.

"Heroin, meth, marijuana, and cocaine," said Walters. "He can ID any of those four. He's imprinted, and he knows them very well. He can search vehicles, houses, buses, pretty much anything that he can get into.”

Walters said the New Haven community came together to buy the pair a new K-9 police cruiser customized for Jet.

Jet and Walters are partners at work and at home. When Jet is not working, he gets spoiled at home by Walters and his wife.