Man agrees to turn himself in if police Facebook post gets 15,000 likes

Posted at 6:06 PM, May 22, 2019

TORRINGTON -- Connecticut police say a fugitive has agreed to surrender if enough people respond to his wanted poster on social media.

Police say there are seven arrest warrants for 29-year-old fugitive Jose Simms, who is believed to be somewhere in New York after failing to appear in court.

Lt. Brett Johnson posted on the department's Facebook page on Wednesday that Sims had contacted him through Facebook and agreed to turn himself in if the post containing his poster gets 15,000 "likes." Johnson says he negotiated Simms down from 20,000 "likes."

The lieutenant described the challenge as difficult but doable.

He also suggested that if anyone knows where Simms is hiding they could let police know and save the department some suspense.

Jose even commented on the post.

Some people didn't agree with the department's handling of the situation:

But most people were just enjoying the post:

Torrington Police say if anyone has any information on Simms' whereabouts to call them at 860-489-2000, just to save them the hassle of trying to get to 15,000 likes.