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Police: Oklahoma woman arrested after ‘aggressively panhandling,’ assaulting officer

Posted at 6:30 PM, May 11, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY – A woman was arrested in northwest Oklahoma City after she was ‘aggressively panhandling’ in a grocery store’s parking lot, authorities say a

On May 8, officers were called to a Crest parking lot following a reported assault.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim said 25-year-old Ryanne Wixom was panhandling in the parking lot and was becoming aggressive with people who didn’t give her money.

The victim said when he refused to give her money, Wixom “began yelling and cursing at him.”

The affidavit states Wixom then began “striking the passenger side window of his vehicle.” When he tried to get her to leave, Wixom allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened him with it.

After being taken into custody, Wixom allegedly spat on officers and kicked the back windows of a patrol car.

While she was on her way to jail, an officer reported Wixom threatened his family and put “a voodoo curse on us to kill us.”

“[Wixom] stated she was going to ‘slit my throat from ear to ear’ and hoped I got shot,” the affidavit stated.

While being checked out by medical personnel, Wixom also allegedly kicked an officer in the chest.

Wixom was arrested on complaints of assault and battery upon a police officer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and placing body fluids upon a government employee.