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Man accused of murdering his wife on their wedding night added to FBI’s Most Wanted list

Posted at 8:23 AM, May 09, 2019

CHICAGO — A man suspected in the brutal 2012 murder of his new bride is the latest addition to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, and police and family hope a $100,000 reward will lead to his capture, according to WGN.

After 26-year-old Estrella Carrera married Arnoldo Jimenez, her long-time boyfriend and the father of her youngest child, the FBI believes he stabbed her to death in the early hours of May 12, 2012 as they were driving home from their wedding reception in Chicago.

Police say Estrella had been stabbed more than 18 times and was found in the bathtub of her condo in Burbank, IL, still wearing the dress she wore to the reception. After her murder, according to police, Jimenez took off in his black 2006 Maserati and called an ex-girlfriend to tell her he had killed Estrella and was leaving the country.

Arnoldo Jimenez - Image provided by the FBI

Arnoldo Jimenez - Image provided by the FBI

After Estrella didn't return to pick up her children, family members asked police to do a wellness check on May 13th, and her body was found.

Police issued a warrant for Jimenez's arrest in the murder. But by then they believe he had fled to Mexico, and has been staying with friends somewhere near Durango ever since.

While the case has faded from the spotlight, the FBI and Estrella's family hope the $100,000 reward, along with the notoriety of him being added to the Most Wanted List, will be enough to prompt someone to turn Jimenez in.

"Being placed on the FBI’s Top 10 is no small feat, so we are very hopeful that this is what’s need to end our search, we know nothing will bring Estrella back but we can have some kind of peace knowing that Arnoldo is paying for his crime," Estrella's sister Jazmin Carrera said.

Since the list was established in 1950, 488 fugitives have been located, including 162 as a result of citizen cooperation, according to the FBI. A total of 30 fugitives wanted from the Chicago area have been on the list.

"I’m looking at you now Arnoldo Jimenez, with a $100,000 reward on your head and on the FBI 10 Most Wanted list, you will have very few friends, do the right thing, turn yourself in so that you can give Estrella, her children and the community of the closure and justice they deserve," said Jeff Sallet, FBI Special Agent in Charge.

Sadly, the seventh anniversary of Estrella’s death falls on Mother’s Day this year. Estrella’s children, now nine and 16 years old, are being raised by her sister Jazmin. She said the teen is aware of what happened to her mom, but not the nine-year-old.