Three victims targeted by same man while driving: ‘He came up to my car and started to scream’

Posted at 11:39 PM, May 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-07 01:24:27-04

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Additional potential victims of road rage behavior in Chesterfield are coming forward after one woman shared her encounter on Facebook.

Three young women tell CBS 6 that they have encountered what appears to be the same man in separate road rage incidents between Amelia County and Route 10 in Chester.

The unidentified man is accused of targeting women, brake checking them before stopping his car, getting out and cursing at them.

All three women say the incidents were unprovoked and terrifying.

Ashley White posted about the April 19 incident on Facebook which received numerous replies.

“He sped up, came into this lane behind me and basically pulled off right here,” White described.

White said when they stopped at a stop light, the man got out of his vehicle and put his hands on her window, before getting back in his car.

“It’s crazy that one person will keep targeting people and on top of that, it’s women,” said White.

Josie Duck said she’s had two run-ins with the driver in Amelia County which continued into Chesterfield County.

“I was just driving behind a vehicle and got brake checked so I backed off a lot,” said Duck. “Then he came up to my car and started to scream and yell more, cuss and he went for my door handle and then he got back in his car and drove.”

A third woman, who wanted remain anonymous, said her two children were inside the car at a stoplight when the man approached their car.

“He punched the trunk of the car,” she recalled. “He was pounding on the window, screaming very loud, cussing really bad enough for my child was scared crying. We couldn’t go anywhere since we were stuck in the middle of Route 10.”

The mother said the man even aggressively followed their car, but was able to get away.

Chesterfield County Police said they are investigating the incidents.

“Something needs to be done before either he gets hurt or somebody else gets hurt,” White added.

Police say if you encounter a similar incident, keep your doors locked, windows up, and don’t engage the person. They also advised the public to try honking their horn as a distraction.

Anyone who believes they have encountered this same man is asked to contact Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660 or through the P3 app.