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Family receives racist letter from anonymous neighbor: ‘Your interracial family is not welcome here’

Posted at 9:51 AM, May 03, 2019

VACAVILLE, Calif. - A California couple says they were shocked to receive an anonymous, racist letter by someone in their community.

"I'm not going to judge what kind of person this person is, but I'm gonna tell you this, is that what you did was stupid," Marc Yu told KTXL.

The letter attacks Yu's family for being mixed-race.

"We may sound harsh, but your interracial family is not welcome here," the letter read, in part.

Yu is Filipino and Chinese and his wife, Sandy, is Mexican. They have five children together.

"The community is making this request. That you find another place to live. Renters like yourselves cannot possibly afford a home in this area," the letter says.

Yu and his family bought the two-story home and moved in last November.

"Whoever wrote it, if it’s a joke, then it’s a really sick joke to play on anybody," Sandy Yu said.

The couple’s initial reaction to the letter was anger and disbelief that racism to this level was still prevalent in such a diverse place as Vacaville.

Vacaville police have taken a report. While investigators say it doesn’t rise to the level of a hate crime, police say they stand in solidarity with the Yu family, and say whoever is behind that letter is not representative of the community as a whole.

"We just try to keep our kids to understand the raw value of things and understand what’s right and what’s wrong," Marc Yu said. "Not everybody is a bad apple. There's more good people than there are bad people."

Neighbors say the Yu family is kind and in the past, they have opened their home to homeless grandparents and a grandson, along with two women who struggled to find a place to live.

"We were trying to be the best family and community, church-going family, that represents what we consider a good American family," Marc Yu said.

They say the Vacaville community has embraced them ever since they moved into the city four years ago.

"The community, as far as the ones that we have met so far, have been very welcoming, along with most of Vacaville," Sandy Yu said.