The internet is divided over Judge Judy’s new ‘do

Posted at 8:15 AM, Apr 25, 2019

Judge Judy always speaks her mind. And so do her fans – especially when she shows up on TV with a new hairdo.

The popular TV judge is now sporting a ponytail.

While many fans took to social media to praise her new look, some say they don’t like the change. Matthew Rhodes tweeted, “Judge Judy came thru drippin’ with that ponytail and i’m not mad about it.”

Like many others, Mike Sington compared her new look to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Not everyone is on board with Judge Judy’s new look.

A.M. tweeted, “I’m not feeling this ponytail hair that Judge Judy has been rocking lately…”

Another Twitter user said the ponytail “ruined my entire life.”

LouLou responded to a tweet about the new hairstyle and wrote, “She looks 80 years old with her hair in a ponytail. Her Very un-hairdo looks like she didn’t care.”

For the record, Judge Judy is 76-years-old, not 80.

Fans also weighed in on Judge Judy’s hair style on her official Facebook page.

It’s unclear if she’ll continue with the ponytail.