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Biker says driver hit him, asked if he was OK, then drove off

Posted at 3:47 PM, Apr 25, 2019

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- A biker from Pennsylvania is trying to find the driver who hit him in Lancaster County.

He's also looking for anyone who might know something about it.

Charles Werth says it happened Sunday morning on Route 72 near Graystone Road.

Upon impact, he says his bike slid across the road into bushes, and the driver left him there bloody and bruised.

"Initially, I didn't think she was going to stop. I thought she was going to, once I fell off the bike, I thought she was going to run me over on top of that!" exclaimed Werth.

Charles was driving to work in Lancaster County to make some Easter overtime, but now, all he has is more bills.

"It's a week worth of wages I've missed so far, and it's also the other costs, the medical expenses I'm going to have to pay for, plus the deductible, insurance deductible for the motorcycle. It's not fair," explained Werth. "The woman had actually followed me all the way from Lebanon. She's doing this back and forth thing. She's right on top of me, back off... on top of me, back off."

Charles said he could see the woman's headlights in the mirror up until the point she got so close he says he couldn't see the lights anymore.

Then he felt the impact.

"I'm airbound, and then I'm rolling on the ground. You feel the pain. I can feel the bike, and I'm thinking, 'oh this isn't going to be good,'" he told WPMT.

Charles says the woman got out of her car and asked if he was okay.

"I did have some choice words for her. I asked her if she could please call 911," explained Charles.

Instead of doing that, he says the woman just took off.

Now, he’s asking business owners on Route 72 to check their surveillance footage

He is hoping to identify the woman who left him swollen, bloodied, and bruised or, at the very least, give her this message.

"Just step up... I'm not trying to get anything out of you, just step up and admit you did it!" said Charles.

East Hempfield Township Police are investigating.

They say the woman is in her fifties, has white hair, and drives an older silver Ford Focus.

If caught, she'll be facing a number of charges, including careless driving.