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Tasty Scallops 

Posted at 3:10 PM, Apr 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-15 15:11:26-04

RICHMOND, Va - Executive Chef Matthias Maihoefer from Williamsburg Inn made his debut in the Virginia This Morning kitchen and walked us through creating his pan seared scallops with braised endives. For more information on the Williamsburg Inn you can visit


Braised Endive

· 3ea endive

· 3ea cloves garlic

· 2 ea fresh bay leaves

· 1 ea sprig thyme

· 2 cups stock

· 1g whole peppercorns

1. Cut endive in half, and deeply sear cut side

2. Combine ingredients and an appropriately sized vessel (half hotel or full depending on amount of endive)

3. Plastic, then aluminum foil wrap pans, making sure to tuck all plastic wrap underneath the foil.

4. Braise for 20 min at 350 high fan

5. Allow to cool in braising liquid

6. Label date, store in appropriate container

Charred Scallion Relish

· 1 cup scallions charred and cooled

· 1/2 bunch parsley minced

· 40g shallot brunoised

· 10g raw garlic minced

· 1g coriander seed toasted and busted up

· 1 g red pepper flake toasted

· 1/2g nigella seed toasted

· Evoo to cover

1. Cut charred and shocked scallions on a long bias, and combine with remaining ingredients and enough EVOO to cover

2. Season with S+P

3. Label, date and store until ready to use

For pick up,

Spoon generous tablespoon of relish into a small mixing bowl with 2 ea grapefruit sections, season with S+P and red wine vinegar to taste.

Blood Orange Vinaigrette

· 200g apple cider vin Gas

· 70g shallot

· 10g garlic

· 65g preserved lemon

· 40g blood orange rind

· 600g oil

Apple cider gastrique

· 1 cup sugar

· 1 cup water

· 1 cup apple cider vinegar

1. Combine the water and sugar, on high heat allow the sugar to caramelize until deep amber color

2. Shock the caramel with the apple cider vinegar until sugar is completely dissolved

3. Cool and store until ready to use

1. combine all ingredients besides the oil in the vita and puree

2. emulsify the oil in, vinaigrette style

Ajo Blanco Puree

· 100g sliced almonds toasted

· 100 stale baguette ( deeply toasted)

· 15 g raw garlic

· 40 rogar

· 500g water aprox

1. Toast almonds and baguette until very fragrant

2. Combine all ingredients vitamix and puree smooth

3. Add more water as needed to achieve medium to light nape

4. season with S+P and Sherry vin