Dog dangling from second floor balcony rescued by Cleveland police officer

Posted at 10:40 PM, Apr 02, 2019

CLEVELAND - Body camera video captured the dramatic rescue of a dog seen hanging over a second-story balcony Saturday evening.

The owners of the dog had him tied on a leash on the outside balcony. The dog jumped over the balcony and ended up hanging over the railing.

"The dog at the top of my house on the second floor, he is dying; he is choking. The dog is dying," the woman living on the first floor told a 911 dispatcher.

As soon as she saw the dog she called police for help.

Patrol Officer Michael Phelps and his partner were nearby and quickly headed to the home.

"The dog was hanging by his neck and clawing for his life," Phelps said.

The officer jumped up on the porch and stood on his toes so he could lift the dog up on his shoulders.

"I wanted to give him a chance to breathe," Phelps said. "My main concern was making sure the dog would be OK. I am a huge dog lover."

When additional officers arrived, they were able to help Phelps get the dog down uninjured.

That dog, as well as another dog that lived at the home, were taken to the city kennel.

Kennel officials said agents with the Animal Protective League are investigating the incident and the owners are planning to surrender the dogs, which means both may be up for adoption soon.

And that was news Phelps was happy to hear.

"I would so long to adopt him," Phelps said. "I mean, I can always add another member to my family."