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Driver hits cyclist, drives away, but left behind something important

Posted at 12:43 PM, Mar 19, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS – A man was hit by a car while riding his bike into work. The driver never stopped - but he sped away without something pretty important.

Around 4:30 Saturday morning, Ryan Coddington was taking the same route he does everyday to work. He barely made it to the halfway point before a driver slammed into him from behind.

“I’m lucky to be alive first and foremost, thank God,” Coddington told WXIN.

The crash threw him from his bike. He landed in the middle of Mann Road, near 465. The driver was gone, but a big clue was left behind.

“I turned around and looked and that whole front end of the car had come off, so that’s the only reason I knew what had hit me. It was the front end of a Camaro, and the front-end piece was black,” Coddington said.

The 41-year-old was hit so hard the seat post on his bike snapped and he was tangled up in pieces of plastic. The driver didn’t care enough to stop, even for just a second to make sure he was alive.

“They’re going to get caught, and they’re going to get prosecuted. I don’t care what happens to them because they obviously didn’t care what happened to my husband,” wife Judi Coddington said.

Some other drivers saw Coddington, pulled over and called for help.  Somehow, he wasn’t seriously hurt. Coddington rides 20 miles round-trip to and from work.  He always wears a helmet and has lights all around his bike.