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Neighbor posts disturbing sign threatening dogs that poop on Denver lawn

Posted at 8:05 AM, Feb 20, 2019

DENVER - A sign posted in front of a Colorado home threatens to harm dogs that defecate on their lawn, sparking controversy in a Denver neighborhood.

On a busy little stretch of South Logan Street, it’s pretty easy to miss. But get a little closer, and there it is, words, on paper, taped to a sign. It’s not long, but gets right to the point: Keep your dog off of my lawn.

"I think it’s over the top," one passerby told KDVR.

It starts off with the words, "These are the kinds of inconsiderate (blanks) that should never own or walk dogs."

"I totally get it. I mean there is definitely people out there that leave their dog's poop on the ground. It’s not right," said another man.

OK, we get it too. The message is it’s not OK for your pooch to poop on my property, but, there’s more, “none of us want your dogs blanking or blanking in our yards, vote for your preferred method of dog deterrence, poisoned meatballs, paw crushing traps or smearing dog crap all over your front porch.”

"Dogs are man’s best friend, right? To put this kind of stuff up here is just wrong," said another.

Denver police said there are no direct threats on the sign, so it may be unpleasant but it’s free speech.