Iowa firefighters help deliver baby, then shovel new mom’s driveway

Posted at 12:34 PM, Feb 12, 2019

As extremely cold weather descends on much of the United States, one Iowa family had a heartwarming experience they will never forget.

Scotty Abram and his expectant wife, Cassy, had just returned home from a Cedar Rapids hospital. It looked like their son, Scotty Jr., was not quite ready to make his first appearance.

Just minutes later, after calling first responders, Scotty found himself delivering the baby, Cassy’s aunt Larissa Ruffin told CNN. “EMT arrived about 10 minutes later and they let dad cut the umbilical cord on the living room floor,” said Ruffin.

Firefighters from the Cedar Rapids Fire Department were also on hand for the delivery Monday, the department said in a Facebook post.

And as mother and baby were being wheeled out of their house to go back to the hospital, they saw a scene they’ll never forget.

“After they got mom and baby in warm blankets on the stretcher and ‘Dr. Dad’ was ready to go, we went outside and saw the firemen finishing shoveling their long drive,” said Ruffin.

“I was in such awe of their selflessness! It’s amazing what some will do for others without knowing anything about them. It was not their job to come and shovel.”

Ruffin added that everyone was so nervous and excited that they never gave a thought to the driveway. The fire department said the two firefighters in the photo had responded to the scene in their own vehicles.

“The weather is cold, but this should warm your heart!” the department said in its Facebook post.

Scotty Jr. weighed in at 6 pounds and was 18 inches long. “Everyone is healthy and happy,” said Ruffin. “It’s the little things that touch you in a moment like that.”