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Son surprises father by acknowledging his last radio call before retiring from Arkansas Highway Police

Posted at 11:28 AM, Feb 07, 2019

As Arkansas Highway Police Corporal Roy Martin signed off for the last time before retiring Tuesday, he wassurprised to hear who took his final call.

Martin's son, Corporal Billy Martin of the Arkansas State Police, answered his father's "10-7," code for "out of service," and "10-42," code for "ending tour of duty." The Arkansas State Police posted video of the exchange on their Facebook page.

Roy Martin had no idea his son would be on the other end of the call, State Police said. He retired after 31 years of service, according to KFSM.

After Roy Martin made his call, his son immediate took to the radio.

"Attention all units," Billy Martin said. "It is a great pleasure to announce, after 31 years of dedicated service, my dad, Cpl. Roy Martin, of the Arkansas Highway Police, Badge No. 420, is retiring and given his final 10-7."

"It is my honor, Cpl. Roy Martin, to acknowledge your 10-7, to the greatest man I know," Billy Martin said. "Myself, Kim and Amy are proud of you. We love you, Dad."

Roy Martin was clearly emotional at hearing his son's voice and message. After a pause, he acknowledged his appreciation for the call, ending with "y'all be careful out there."

The video concludes with Roy Martin turning to his colleagues standing outside his patrol car and saying, "That's all I could say. I couldn't get on there and say nothing."