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Richmond Public Schools superintendent lays out 5 year plan to improve school system

Posted at 11:29 PM, Feb 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-05 23:45:30-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- On Tuesday, Richmond Public Schools Superintendent, Jason Kamras delivered the 2019 State of the Schools Address.

It's called "Dreams 4 RPS," a five year strategic plan that Kamras believes will take city schools to the next level.

The plan will focus on five priorities which will work to better the school system. Priority 1 will focus on passion for learning. Kamras said it will focus to try increase graduation numbers, ensure students who graduate get a living wage job,  or go into the national service.

The plan calls for more diverse teachers throughout Richmond Public Schools, specifically male teachers of color, along with higher salaries for all teachers.

"If you can see yourself. See somebody else with success that looks like you, I think it's more believable for you as a child," said parent Alice Elliotte.

Superintendent Kamras also explained that over the last year, 20 RPS students have been shot and 6 have been killed and that he wants teachers to have better trauma informed practices to help students who go through that.

"I mean how can you concentrate in school if you're scared of what you're going to find when you go home. So I think if they could give the teachers that kind of training, it would be fantastic," said parent Anne Jones.

The plan would also call allow for bringing all Richmond Public Schools up to date. Superintendent Kamras said most technology in the classrooms are out of date. This part of the plan will also bring new construction. With three new schools being built by 2020 (Green Mason and Elkhardt-Thompson).

The strategic plan will cost $150 million dollars with a five year timeline.