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Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney not swayed by Northam

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney not swayed by Northam
Posted at 4:15 PM, Feb 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-02 18:17:16-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- Count Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney among the Democrats not swayed by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's most recent statement.

Northam told reporters Saturday he does not believe he is either person in the racist photo that appeared in his 1984 medical school yearbook.

"I have not changed my position," Stoney said via Twitter. "The Governor didn’t put anything behind us by creating even more confusion, anger and disbelief. I still believe the Governor should do the honorable thing and step down so we can move forward."

Friday night Stoney called the Northam situation "deeply disappointing and offensive" and that he "want[ed] to hear what Governor Northam has to say on this."

On Saturday, Northam told reporters that while he took responsibility for the photo shown in the yearbook, yesterday when his staff showed him the photo was the first time he saw it. He said he did not purchase the yearbook and was not aware of the photo in question.

Asked about whether he had ever worn a KKK uniform as was seen in the photo, he answered, “I am not the person in that uniform, and I am not the person to the right.”

As for his inconsistency on whether he was or wasn’t in the photo, Northam said he was able to sit down last night and take full stock of the photo.

“What has happened, I finally had a chance to sit down and look at the photo in detail. It is definitely not me,” he said in response to questions.

Northam also denied ever appearing in a KKK robe and hood.

“That is not my picture, that is not my person,” he said. I am “not the person in that uniform.”

CNN Wire contributed to this report.