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Man suspected of stealing Christmas gifts in Henrico speaks out

Posted at 10:58 PM, Dec 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 23:11:05-05

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A father suspected of stealing Christmas gifts from an East End front porch wants to clear his name.

Surveillance video on Friday showed a man in a Baltimore Raven's jersey walking up to a home on Almond Creek Terrace and ringing the doorbell three times.

The man then waits for about a minute until grabbing two packages, walking back to his car and driving off.

The owner of the home, Stacey Alexander, said the packages were delivered minutes prior to the suspect arriving at her home.

Surveillance camera

Surveillance camera

"I do believe the guy was following the [delivery] truck - the coincidence of him just showing up at my door some three minutes after the delivery guy comes, you have to know he’s following this guy," Alexander stated.

However, Zakia Saunders said she asked her brother to retrieve her packages that were mistakenly delivered to the wrong address.

"I got the notification from Amazon saying your package had been delivered and when I opened it I saw that they were on a porch with a chair on it," Saunders explained.

Zakia Saunders

Zakia Saunders

An Amazon customer can request that the delivery driver upload a picture of the packages once they are delivered.

Saunders said a few weeks ago Christmas ornaments she ordered through Amazon were delivered to an Almond Creek Terrace address with the same house number. Her home is located on Almond Creek Place.

Davon Coles, Saunder's brother, confirmed he is the man seen on the surveillance video.

"I looked at the packages and they had my sister’s name on them," Coles explained. "I rang the bell, rang it again and nobody answered. I knew the packages were hers and went about the day."

Davon Coles

Davon Coles

Saunders said she first saw the surveillance video and the claims that her brother was a thief on Facebook.

"I was scared. I was really scared because I didn’t know what was going on or what could have happened," she stated. "We are in the holidays and since today is Friday he would’ve been in jail for the whole weekend if he was arrested."

Coles recognized he could've done things differently.

"I should’ve put the package up to the camera and showed that they came to the wrong door," he said.

Coles said he is a father to a little girl, is honest and has worked a full-time job at a restaurant on VCU's campus for the past seven years.

The family apologized for any misunderstanding, but wishes Amazon delivered to the correct home next time.

"This shouldn’t happen or continue to happen every time I order a package," Saunders said.

Alexander stated she filed a report with Henrico Police.

Saunders said she reached out to police, but has not heard back.