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Couple’s heating issues get resolved: ‘They showed up after you contacted them’

Posted at 10:03 PM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 23:21:11-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- When the temperatures started to drop the past few days that only cranked up the anxiety for Winston Clary and his wife Delores.

The northside residents were relying on a space heater to keep warm because their heating unit was on the blink. They were concerned because the HVAC unit is less than a year old and was under warranty.

Winston says they didn't have much luck when they contacted the company.

“We called Sears three times,” said Winston. “They said they would send somebody here, but they didn't send nobody here because we were home. We just waited for them to come.”

Clary says the heat would only run for a few hours at a time. He knew they had to do something because they were afraid to sleep with only a space heater running.

Winston Clary and his wife Delores

Frustration is what prompted the couple to contact the CBS 6 Problem Solvers on Monday.

Tuesday we were able to conference the couple in on a call with Sears Home Service. By Wednesday the company sent out a contractor to inspect the heating unit and told the couple what needed to happen next.

“We're not getting enough current in the house. That's what he said,” recalled Delores.

“I needed them to just come out just to check and tell me what I need,” said Winston. “I don't mind paying for service… But when you can't get anyone to come out, that was frustrating.

A Sears Home Services representative didn't get into specifics about the couple's case with CBS 6 Problem Solvers but did say they would help them.

Something Winston and Delores are grateful for.

“They showed up after you contacted them,” said Winston.

Now they can enjoy the upcoming holidays with no worries.

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