Where Nikki-Dee gets her ‘Sugar Fix’ in Ashland

Posted at 11:26 AM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 11:26:45-05

ASHLAND, Va. -- When she needs her sugar fix, Nikki-Dee heads to the Center of the Universe, Sugar Fix Bakery in the town of Ashland. She recently went from fan to employee to record her "Nikki-Dee Can You Be Me" segment. Here's what she had to say:

These aren’t just cookies, they are works of art. Delicious works of art! This week we learned how to make personalized decorative cookies.

Normally, you mix, bake, and eat.

But these require a little more work. Melinda and her team at Sugar Fix Bakery take two days to make each cookie. It starts with mixing and baking. Followed by decorating with "royal icing." The icing has to harden before other layers can be applied. These cookies are a true masterpiece.

From their website:

Sugar Fix Bakery was created in 2011 when owner, Melinda Foster starting creating custom decorated cookies for family and friends for any special occasion. Through word of mouth and social media, the word began to spread quickly of the unique way that cookies could be customized for any occasion. In the fall of 2013, Sugar Fix Bakery became an official business and everything started to fall into place. Corporate orders across the United States and Canada have helped promote and brand businesses with Corporate Logos imaged onto a cookie. Along with the growth of regular customers and working with corporations, Sugar Fix Bakery acquired an official storefront location in the beautiful and historic Town of Ashland, VA; also known as “The Center of the Universe.” Our storefront opened in the Summer of 2015. We have felt so much excitement, not only from our wonderful customer base, but the community and business owners of Ashland who have warmly welcomed us with open arms.