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Video shows driver pulled from van, assaulted on Richmond street

Posted at 4:20 PM, Oct 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-30 17:13:26-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Video showing a man being pulled from a van and beaten up on a Richmond street has sparked outrage among neighbors and at least one Richmond City Councilperson.

"This is a very serious offense," Richmond City Councilperson Kim Gray said about the crime displayed in the video. "Someone trying to get through a traffic jam that was created by these people leaving a nightclub and was yanked from his vehicle and beaten to the ground."

Gray is describing what she saw in the video recorded on Sunday, October 28, at about 1:30 a.m. in the area of West Grace Street and North Meadow Street in the Fan.

The video showed a group of people in the street, blocking traffic, and playing loud music.

A driver, described by Councilperson Gray as a 59-year-old man, drove up on the scene and tried to get through.

When he realized the people in the street were not moving out of the way, he honked his horn.

That is when the video showed some men approach the van, where they appeared to punch the driver. When they pulled him out of his van, the assault continued.

A neighbor, who was recording the incident as part of an effort to publicize issues on that block, yelled at the men to stop the attack and leave.

Neighbors told Gray the man needed medical attention and was last seen being taken away in an ambulance.

Police confirmed the man suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Police have classified the crime as a simple assault, however, Gray hoped those charges would be upgraded once more details are learned and witnesses come forward to identify those involved.

"Anyone who is yanked from their car and beaten... it should be an outrage to everyone," she said. "We need to know we're safe in our communities -- regardless of where we are."

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