‘Jeopardy!’ contestant proposes to girlfriend during game show

Posted at 4:01 PM, Sep 28, 2018

It usually takes contestants on Jeopardy! a second or two to come up with questions, but an audience member on Thursday night’s episode had an instantaneous answer for one query, USA Today reports.

That person was Maria Shafer, whose boyfriend, contestant Michael Pascuzzi, was being introduced by host Alex Trebek.

“Normally when I interview the contestants, I based my conversation on little bits of information they have supplied us,” Trebek explained in the now-viral clip. But the notes on Pascuzzi had nothing for Trebek, and so he turned to Pascuzzi himself.

The Orlando contestant then turned to Shafer with a surprise question of his own: a marriage proposal. Check out the clip to see Shafer’s reaction and her show-worthy response.