This blind dog has its own seeing-eye dog

Posted at 11:13 AM, Sep 24, 2018

MANILA, Philippines -- A dog that acts as a seeing-eye dog for a blind dog is taking social media by storm, according to WJW.

According to their Facebook page, Ginger and Kimchi have been "ambassaDOGS" for three years now.

Ginger, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever, reportedly serves as a seeing-eye dog for blind rescue Kimchi, who is a Spaniel-type breed and believed to be between nine and twelve years old.

A Facebook post says that the dogs' owners, a husband and wife, applied to adopt Kimchi from the CARA Welfare Philippines rescue in 2012. The couple had wanted to adopt another dog so they took Ginger to the rescue and she and Kimchi immediately hit it off.  Ginger had reportedly been aggressive towards other dogs in the past and the couple did not expect her to be welcoming to another animal.

"We immediately took them out for a walk that turned out to be very pleasant, Ginger even licked him when we stopped for a breather," the couple said online, "Seems like the dog, whom we later named Kimchi, chose us, and Ginger chose him."

Kimchi was rescued after he was found abandoned and suffering many health issues, including being almost completely blind.

Kimchi became completely blind in 2015 and Ginger has been his seeing-eye dog ever since.  The couple said that Ginger acquired this role without any formal training and that "Kimchi doesn't mind being led around, for the most part anyway. They are always paired when we go out, a guide dog, for a blind dog!"

The dogs' owners were so inspired by the bond that Ginger and Kimchi formed, they now volunteer at CARA. They now have over 22 companion animals, all rescues and "love them to bits."

In addition to serving as "ambassaDOGS," both Ginger and Kimchi provide service for the community as well. The two dogs are often invited to provided emotional support to hospital patients, students, and company employees.