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Woman watches sister’s rescue from Hurricane Florence on local news

Posted at 7:28 AM, Sep 21, 2018

GREENSBORO, NC – A North Carolina woman got the shock of her life while watching coverage of Hurricane Florence on WGHP.

Sandy Gil said she saw video of her sister, Cindy, getting rescued during a newscast.

Sandy sat down at her computer Monday after trying to get updates on the weather at the coast. Her sister lives in Pender County, an area that isn’t a stranger to hurricanes.

She hadn’t heard from her sister in days.

“She needed to hold on to the charge in her cellphone, so I was trying to avoid talking to her,” said Sandy.

While she was on her computer, Sandy said she had WGHP's Monday afternoon newscast on her TV.

That’s when she heard something about an elderly woman in Pender County getting evacuated. She immediately looked up.

“I knew they had taken my sister out the day before or she had been rescued, so I replayed it,” said Sandy.

She saw the rescue crews saving Cindy from her home.

“It was a total shock, because it was the last thing on earth I expected,” she said.

Sandy said Cindy refused to evacuate, which made her very concerned, until Monday.

"If I hadn't of seen it, I wouldn't have known if she was alright. If she was okay. The relief that I know she's been rescued,” said Sandy. “I don't have to worry about if she's being taken cared of or something getting her or something getting her."

Relieved to know that her sister is safe, Sandy said she’s planning to go and visit her sister.

She said a huge weight has been lifted and her family can breathe a little easier.