South Carolina dad captures the moment his son prays for floods to spare his school

Posted at 10:32 PM, Sep 20, 2018

Brad Whiteis took a photo of his son Carter, 5, praying in front of his school in Conway, South Carolina, as the area still faces threat of flooding.

A young boy turned to prayer amid the threat of even more flooding to the Carolinas from Hurricane Florence.

Five-year-old Carter, who goes to kindergarten at Conway Elementary School in Conway, South Carolina, was wondering why he hasn’t been to school for the past week.

His dad, Brad Whiteis, explained to Carter the possibility of flood in the coming days. Although water has receded in some areas of the Carolinas, the already-swollen Waccamaw River is expected to rise further and impact more residents in both states.

So Carter asked his dad on Thursday whether they could go to his school to pray for it not to flood.

Whiteis granted his son the request and took a photo of the moment. It shows Carter with his hands in prayer as he looks down. He was in front of his school, which still has sandbags stacked in front of the entrance doors.

Whiteis told CNN he thought it was “just a cute picture” at first.

“But then it kind of hit me how powerful it was,” Whiteis said. “He just started learning how to pray at church. But he only has prayed a few times, for toys or to win a video game, so this prayer was different.”

Whiteis added that his faith is not always so strong, but his son’s act “was a reminder that it should be.”

“I’m quite proud of my boy today,” Whiteis said.