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McDonald’s changes up their apple pie, and social media isn’t happy

Posted at 11:18 AM, Sep 20, 2018

Some changes have been made to a classic McDonald's treat.

Officials announced they have altered the recipe for their apple pie. The beloved dessert supposedly includes fewer ingredients and a whole new look.

The pies are now covered in a lattice-style crust and sprinkled with a sugar topping.

McDonald's officials said they're made with six different kinds of apples that are 100 percent American grown.

The baked pies clock in at 240 calories, which is less than their previous version which was fried.

As you might have guessed, customers have weighed in on the changes on social media -- offering mixed reviews.

For those really missing out on the nostalgic flavor of the old apple pie, many are saying that the Apple Empanada's at Taco Bell have a taste that ring more true of the previous golden arches pie.