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Underwater treadmill helping overweight cat shed pounds

Posted at 12:03 PM, Sep 11, 2018

URBANDALE, Iowa – You can imagine the reactions Aimee Good receives when people learn her cat works out on an underwater treadmill.

“They think it’s a joke,” Good told WHO.

George, the Himalayan cat, is 12-years-old. He tips the scale at over 17 pounds.

Doctors at Urban Pet Hospital in Iowa identified George as being at-risk for the feline version of type two diabetes. Veterinarian Dr. Rachel Goodall said George needs to lose a few pounds.

“He just likes to eat. He’s a sneaky guy,” said Good. “He sneaks into the food.”

Last week, George started a strict diet and exercise regimen. Good pointed out, “You can’t really take a cat… out for a walk.” But as unbelievable as it sounds, you can train a cat to walk on an underwater treadmill.

George is walking for six-minutes, three times per week. Dr. Anil Regmi said that in five or six months, the cat will have shed the five pounds he needs to lose to be healthy.

Monday marked George’s third session. As he pranced on the treadmill under the direction of Vet Technician Abigail Feng, Good said she is a believer. “I was really hoping this would work for him, and it seems to really be going well.”